Music will always remain a big part of my life

Music will always remain a big part of my life.

These words resulted in Umair Javed, a software engineer working at Dropbox and a part-time musician proficient in playing the guitar, beam with pride and happiness.

Umair Javed originally hails from Lahore in Pakistan. However, he moved to Canada initially, where he pursued his higher studies and is currently working in the states at Dropbox. Having had a fascinating life, Umair changed his core subjects throughout his life. Initially pursuing his undergrad in Finance, he switched to Software Engineering and CS later. However, the one constant that remained in Umair’s life regardless of his pursued subjects was music.

Falling in love with playing the guitar from an early age, he was one to think out of the box. He never shied away from pursuing opportunities that he believed would improve the scope of his talent and career. He would dedicate most of his time after school to perfecting his grip over the instrument. Upon inquiry, he said he has no plans to delve into other agencies as he says: “I still think there is still so much to say just with the guitar.”

Upon starting his journey, as a teenager with a newly borne love for the instrument and singing, Umair initially faced confusion on how to go about pursuing his passion but was driven to find a way to persevere. He worked hard to learn to play and never shied away from consulting others about how he could further perfect himself. He approached different professional veterans, including Noori, Call the band, Farhad Humayun, and others, to learn and jam with them. These sessions furthered his love for music, and he began to perform at gigs and other musical platforms. Initially, he confesses this even began to take a toll on his studies as he felt he couldn’t give it his all. However, he believes further on music inculcated within him the discipline which enabled him to excel as a musician and in his studies. The impact was so substantial that he could finish high school at the top of his class.

Umair never shied away from experimenting and taking a dive into the unknown. Due to this, he switched to a different profession entirely but would always find time for music. Being a full-time software engineer did not deter him from performing at gigs and events. He could network and collaborate with international artists, which helped him expound on his musical journey.

Towards the end of the interview, he reiterates how music was able to help him so much bring discipline to his life. He wishes that others in a similar situation could gain equally as he did. He admits that Pakistan’s environment around non-academic practices is not exactly favorable to nurture teenagers to explore and find themselves due to unreasonable academic expectations. Moreover, there is a criminal shortage of resources to help such individuals learn, practice, and implement their skills beyond novice learners due to a lack of focus. He hopes to return to the country one day and play his part in helping those who find themselves in a similar predicament. He hopes that the future for the youth of Pakistan is more supportive than the one he persevered through.