Zohreen: A 10-year old successful entrepreneur

“If you provide your kid the opportunity and support to explore themselves, eventually they will find something that truly defines them and gets them up in the morning.”
The following was a profound belief embodied by Taimur Bandey, the father and benefactor of the 10-year-old successful entrepreneur, Zohreen Taimur Bandey.

Zohreen is currently a student who had a great deal of free time on her hands during the lockdowns imposed because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike others her age and otherwise, she spent this time undergoing extensive self-exploration and found something she was genuinely passionate about, skincare. Riddled with the curiosity to make something out of this newfound passion, she spent hours self-studying and learning the art of procuring organic and naturally occurring raw materials and transforming the said materials into a processed good to aid in improving one’s skin.

Upon achieving this feat, she shared her progress with her highly supportive parents and expressed her intention of deriving a B2C business. Her parents welcomed and encouraged this idea, particularly her mother, Zebunissa Taimur Bandey, who teamed up with her daughter to launch, Choksy Organic Solutions formally. When inquired about the context behind the business’s name, she expressed how this was the maiden name of her grandmother, who, like Zohreen, was an avid enthusiast of skincare and organic productions to keep one’s skin evergreen.

The mother-daughter duo spent their due time perfecting their formulae and consulted experts to ensure their production was second to none, was wholly natural and self-preserving, and no chemicals were incorporated. What initially began with lip care products sold using their social media channels and website, then expanded to a different range of skincare products. The duo’s dedication was apparent given how each product and recipe was tried by themselves extensively and perfected before they began selling.

Their hard work was swift to receive recognition as the brand and Zohreen were reached out by multiple media channels, who recognized the expertise and prowess of the young entrepreneur. Furthermore, the brand has bagged a series of awards across different entrepreneurial competitions, cementing the uniqueness and extravagance of the brand unequivocally.

Recapping a bit on her journey, Zohreen mentioned how when she began exploring this field, she was heavily influenced by skincare videos made by foreign content creators, which piqued her interest. However, recreating a similar business model in Pakistan was not without its set of roadblocks. Specifically, there was no outlet for how such products could be created using Pakistan’s abundant natural raw materials. They had to consult individuals personally and use trial and error extensively to make a final product. This predicament became more complex when schools reopened as managing studies, and her business simultaneously was a difficult task. However, this is where the immense support of her parents played a huge role, as they did not dissuade her at all, not pleading her to focus on her studies. Instead, they helped create an efficient schedule to ensure both avenues were smoothly operational.
Being one of the pioneering personalities who were able to achieve such a feat at her age puts Zohreen in a very exclusive bracket of individuals, especially in Pakistan. However, Zohreen and her parents were of the view this is such due to the one-dimensional thinking that is rampant in our culture where kids are forced to follow a set criterion religiously, providing minimal room for self-exploration, which is key to the growth of any individual. Zohreen concluded her interview by encouraging individuals not to limit themselves to anything and always think outside the box. One day it will all begin to make perfect sense.

Haseeb Ibrar

By Haseeb Ibrar