Startup Early is a website/platform that provides extra-curricular courses for 12-18 year old’s in a blended learning format (mostly online). Once the students reach a certain level in one course they will be exposed to local and international competitions. (Later we might offer internships to A1/A2 students in their preferred choice of startups/etc)

Each kid has a unique talent which they inherit, which may not be unraveled in our typical schooling systems with the limited course content taught, which is why its important for kids to try and learn something they are interested in, as it enhances their cognitive as well as emotional abilities.

All courses will be taught online using a hybrid model. Each kid will be given access to prerecorded lecture videos for their primary learning and application, but they will also be given access to one-on-one sessions with the instructor to discuss any problems or clarifications to ensure seamless learning.

Upon completion of the course, the kids will be presented with a handful of opportunities, in the form of competitions, seminars, etc. where they will be able to apply hands-on all that they have learnt to gauge a better understanding of where they stand post completion of the course.

You can choose from multiple programs being offered. We are currently offering programs on becoming an Entrepreneur, Coder, Chess and many more. We keep opening up new programs on a regular basis and you can stay updated on our latest offerings by visiting our Program listing page.

Course duration span from 10-12 weeks, but kids are given an option to personally tailor their own timelines based on their own preferences and can choose to complete the course based on their own choices.

Our courses follow a interactive and pedagogic model, whereby we will be facilitating the kids through different activities throughout the course and monitor their responses and analyze them over time to come up with a plausible and substantive feedback.

Students must have a latop/desktop with a stable internet access to ensure mic and camera usage for a holistic experience.

Yes, all sessions will be conducted online, but the kids will be given access to one face-to-face session with the instructor to flesh out any concerns or gain insight regarding the course.