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Startup Early is an innovative education platform, for 12-18 year olds, that helps students discover and pursue their passions through a variety of extra curricular courses. Unlike traditional classes, Startup Early classes give kids the unique opportunity to explore their interests in-depth via interactive, live and recorded videos by experienced, independent educators. The motivation behind Startup Early stemmed from the absence of skill based courses offered in schools that limit students to a narrowed scope of potential career opportunities. Our extra curricular courses supplement the conventional school curriculum with fun and unique, interest based classes like digital design, photography, entrepreneurship, guitar, astronomy and many more.


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To provide alternative learning and teaching methods to enable the youth towards self-growth and a wide array of career opportunities.



To create a powerful online learning ecosystem for everyone, tailored for each one.

Our Principle

We believe that support a child’s inclination to learn new things are not “additional” or extra – they are essential to all-round development. We want the children who sign up for classes to find something that interests them, and wish to pursue it whole-heartedly.

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Our Journey

Our Team

Hamza completed his Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the University of Southern California – Marshall Business School after founding his startup, that raised angel investment locally as well as crowdfunding internationally. With his practical experience of founding coupled with a Masters in the field, Hamza founded Startup Early.

Faizan graduated out of University of Nottingham, UK and has more than a decade’s experience as an educationist associated with leading universities in Pakistan. He keeps a keen look at the entrepreneurial landscape and promotes skill development of the youth of Pakistan.